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“This short film crystallizes the creative harmony at the heart of China’s urban explosion,” Thomas Rhazi.

In “ChinaNOW”, a 2013 Nowness short documentary film, late French Director Thomas Rhazi (1985-2016) puts the spotlight on the lush state of creation and innovation in the world’s most heavily populated country. Through interviews with a number of VIPs in the realms of Chinese art, publishing and architecture, Rhazi paints the portray of a country in flux, a country that, despite its budding energy and certain creative freedoms, to this day remains impenetrable for the artist.

Growing up in Paris, Rhazi’s career kicked off in the field of fashion photography and he worked as director of photography before diving and delving into the world of directing. Rhazi has left us with a hugely impressive body of work. His collected works display that offbeat, off the beaten path true talent for storytelling, combining a serious and often piercing approach with a visceral awareness of the power of visuals.

“ChinaNOW” features Architect Lyndon Neri and his wife/professional partner Rosanna Hu, alongside Jérôme Sans, co-founder of Beijing-based consultancy Perfect Crossovers and former director of the city’s Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, as well as Group Style Editorial Director of Modern Media Group Shaway Yeh, a publishing collective whose flagship title, “Modern Weekly”, boasts a wider circulation than “Vogue China”.


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