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About Us

About #1: The Gist Of It

Founded by Sinologist and China Fashion | Urban Culture groupie Elsbeth van Paridon, coincidentally the editor-in-chief of this little shindig, this passion Temper project offers a gritty slash grungy look at contemporary China through a fashion-focused lens. Paired with a deep devotion to the nation’s underground scene. Because sub is super.


The term “Made in China” is undergoing the ultimate 21st Century makeover — with a subversive twist. This rapidly changing landscape is a unique phenomenon that goes beyond the mere Summer/Winter collections; it waves the flag for the changes vibrating within China’s society-at-large today.

Escorted by the increasingly strong influence of a new thinking among China’s younger generations regarding individuality and the expression thereof, the fashion scene in the Middle Kingdom is exploding. Temper Magazine chases the fashion dragon, one might say. “Made In China”: Redefined.


About #2: Those Temper Tantrums

The pioneering fashion scene in China. It is more than your mere cover shot; it’s the visualization of a changing social landscape.

Temper sets out to help promote the still largely hidden, yet dynamic, fashion scene sprouting within Beijing, Shanghai and China overall. From street style to budding photographers, established designers, and the latest updates: They are present and their work stretches far beyond what meets the eye. High-end appliqué, one might say: The New Made In China — patent on that one, #wink.

In sum, if it fares and flares in the realm of China Fashion and Urban Culture, Temper is there. “Chasing the fashion dragon”– patent on that one too, #evilgrin– if you will.

Meiyi Yang Jewelry, "Mother and Child," 2019. All rights reserved