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Superman, Red Bull, “Rebel Rebel” (in heels),… These household names have in common sets of colorifically symphonic collaborations sprouting from the newly found generational confidence very much alive and kicking with China’s post-80 and -90  creative collective. Temper shines a CHIcn light on three stand-up and stand-out such artists. It’s trending time!

Chen Hongzhu (2)

“What Is Memory II” by artist Chen Hongzhu. Image courtesy of HUA Gallery

Temper Magazine’s Trending segment casts a net upon all that is throwing tantrums within the world of China Fashion across a variety of global sources. This very necessary segment makes for a collection of largely non-Temper Magazine-original content dipping its toe into the deep indigo-dyed pool that is the ocean of Middle Kingdom fashionable astonishment. This time around…

Temper shows some pop-cultural love for CHIcn, a professional initiative for art management and development in cooperation with businesses. Upon breaking into the extensively treasure-filled CHIcn vault, one enters a world of new generational Chinese art from which we have chosen three colorful and critical hard hitters. Time to get poppin’ and lockin’!

“My work usually involves a lot of characters, and they are all based on real people. I hope it will hit you with an immediate blast of fun, energy and humorous nostalgia.” Quote, Zhang Liang.

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Zhang Liang

Zhang Liang — who also goes by the name “Ray” — was a student of renowned English puppet master John M. Blundall. Now, he spends his time between Beijing and London, where he works as a freelance illustrator. He makes bold, cartoon-esque work that pops with colour and character.

“My work usually involves a lot of characters, and they are all based on real people. I hope it will hit you with an immediate blast of fun, energy and humorous nostalgia.

I like to play with large blocks of bright colour using Photoshop to give my work more energy and fun. On occasion, I throw in some texture to enhance details. I enjoy picking colors, although this does take me a while!” Quote, Zhang Liang.

Swipe through Ray’s full lookbook right here, on CHIcn!


Armed with a blend of methods and means, Xu bravely ‘walks’ into the minds of audience, leaving space for thoughts behind the works.

Cheng Hongzhu

Chen Hongzhu is one of the New Generation of Chinese Women. Confident and rebellious, she graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and her work has already been picked up by ueber-collector of contempo Chinese art Uli Sigg. Influenced by American painters such as Mark Ryden and John Currin, her zoomorphic self-portraits meld surrealism with self-examination.

“I believe that in every person’s heart live two children — one that turns to the light and another that feeds on darkness. Your entire life you must look after and appease these two children. I often paint people and animals together because I feel animals embody a kind of collective human unconscious. Our inner naive and reclusive self can be expressed well by the animals, almost as if they are mirrors showing a reflection of humanity. My paintings often obscure the boundary between man and animal and in this way display an even clearer view of humankind.” Quote, Chen Hongzhu.

Her paintings portray female beauties often accompanied by fantastical yet realistic animals. After a first glance, these apparently impeccable dolls reveal some sinister signs such as subtle cuts and dripping blood. Combining sweet memories of childhood with the harsh reality of adulthood Chen creates stunning fairy tales characters through playful and dreamlike colours and compositions.

Catch the Chen rebellious chic streak right here, on CHIcn!


“Creativity takes courage” Quote, Henri Matisse.


























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Featured image: Artist Zhang “Ray” Liang. Image courtesy of CHIcn 
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