Prove your humanity

The Guanjiang Shou scare off bad spirits with the help of some fierce makeup, elaborate dressing-up and firecrackers.

One night in neon-lit Taipei. The city’s Guanjiang Shou, the ceremonial military leaders of the Underworld who scare off bad spirits using fierce makeup, elaborate costumes and firecrackers. Most of Taipei’s Taoist temples are connected to the mafia — operated by cash donations and remaining tax exempt — hence many of the boys who perform the Guanjiang Shou ritual are in fact debt collectors, bouncers or bodyguards in daily life.

Directed by Seoul-based photographer and Creative Director Au Matt, known for his work with publications such as Vogue Korea, this fashion shortfilm was shot guerrilla-style in 25 hours. Stylist Lin Xiuwei uses clothes from Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Loewe.


Elsbeth van Paridon
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