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Vicky Huang

Vicky Huang is Taiwanese-Canadian, which is to say she is mild-tempered and polite for the most part. This contributes to her being drawn to the utterly unreserved, unapologetic Temper - it’s the yang to her yin (not the other way around). Her mantras are traveling and writing because she likes to observe, introspect, and share. Although she’s got a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Management from the University of British Columbia, this Vancouverite is unexcited about being confined to a lab or a corporate boardroom. She has a chronic case of wanderlust. During her gap year after college, she learned French in Quebec, taught English around Central Europe, and worked for a Canadian NGO in Bolivia. Her next (carefully calculated) relapse after grad school took her to the Middle Kingdom, where she interned at Time Out Shanghai. Now back in Vancouver, Huang is working at a China marketing startup while writing and translating on a freelance basis. In her leisure time, she enjoys book-reading, film-watching, and thrift-hunting.