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Natalie Luo

Columnist and Temper 中文Author&Editor

Meet Natalie Luo, Temper's very first full-fledged Chinese Language Author and Editor -- dedicated to developing the 中文side of all things Temper, ya know! A Fashion Marketing and Promotion B.A. graduate from the University of the Arts London, and a Hotel Operations Management postgraduate from Swiss Hotel Management School, Luo harbors an immense passion for fashion, lifestyle, drama, and travel. As a local Chinese with more than five-years of European academic life under her belt and years of professional experience ranging from the luxury, hospitality to the advertising industry at home and abroad, Luo has developed an in-depth understanding of the differences between Chinese and Western cultures, always keeping her eye on the fusion tendencies that exist among both. Based in Shanghai and returning to Guangzhou, China, Luo now writes about a variety of topics veering between the realms of culture, lifestyle, and fashion fields.