Prove your humanity

Emily Aspinall

England-born journalist-in-the-making and teacher Emily Aspinall has been living and writing in/about China for just over a year. A love of travel, Asia and pure intrigue brought her and now keeps her in the country. As a freelance journalist, she specializes in Chinese society and fashion, her fascination surrounding the East grew since living and working in a rural ex-fishing village on the outskirts of Shanghai. Aspinall aims to capture a sense of the colourful and dynamic contemporary China, which continues to revolutionise and evolve. Aspinall holds an English Literature degree from Sheffield University. She explored the literary canon, starting with old English and ending with the contemporary period, her area of speciality and research is post-war British social realism. While studying, she also on gained experience at the BBC, local publishing houses and copy edited the student newspaper. Since moving to China, she has written regularly for Temper Magazine and The Shanghaiist -- with a personal blog going live soon. Her interests include gender fluidity, the modern representation of women, sustainability and the underground scene in China.